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"In just 8 months, I earned $138,000, which was a direct result of using InfoNow lead generation system."

Mr. Rob Levy - Prudential Realtor of the Year - Portland Oregon

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Whether you’re a marketing, public relations or advertising company, you know that your success is based on the traffic you can drive to your clients. provides you cutting-edge technology integrated within our toll-free numbers, allowing you to stand out from your competition, by generating more leads for your clients and simultaneously tracking the exact cost-effectiveness of each campaign!

Other marketing/Advertising companies throw their clients marketing dollars all over the place and hope to generate some traffic for their clients. Using our proprietary technology, you are replacing the “guesswork” with exact increased and tracked data!

Not only will you generate more calls for your clients, but automatically capture the time, date, marketing source, topic of interest and the caller’s phone number of every caller - even if they have an unlisted or Caller ID Blocked Number! But that’s just the beginning… offers 12 different real time caller reports to keep you in full control of your marketing efforts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.

Simply log into the website, and select the report you wish to see. You can set your own date ranges, and see a list of all calls, or select to see real time reports based on

  • Area code - determine which geographical area your calls are coming from, to assist in positioning future advertising and areas of demand for your product or service
  • Date - what days of the week are potential clients or customers calling you most
  • Hour – organize your time so you are most available when customers are calling
  • Listing – which extension are triggering more calls, and which need additional attention to attract more calls
  • Marketing Source – which marketing sources are generating a lot of calls, and which are a waste of money
  • Result – how effective is your add in getting the caller to take action
  • Call Statistic - a single report that summarizes all of the data from all of the reports
  • Marketing Effectiveness - determines the exact cost effectiveness of each marketing campaign by taking the exact marketing cost and dividing it by the number of calls received
  • Average Call Length - informing you of the length of your recordings and responses

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