Though tougher to  get, builders can be an excellent ongoing source of leads

Many builders already have preferred lenders that are able to perform on the loans and close on time. 5

In addition to meeting their performance and rates, offer the builder a way to generate more leads, track the cost-effectiveness of their advertising, and sell their projects faster and you will win their heart... and their financing relationship.

Prior to contacting them, try and get information on an upcoming project, whether a brochure, flyer, plans, etc. Then, use it to script and record their project, making sure to make it sound wonderful! Then upload whatever appropriate materials you can into the faxback that will help make a buyer more interested. Be sure to also set the SMS back feature to automatically SMS them a message, along with a click to call phone number to reach you and a webpage link on the project itself. Then try and meet the builder to show him what you can do to help him sell his projects faster. Once their have him call your toll free number you have for  him, along with the specific project extension you added.

When the builder calls and hears his project being described, he will be INTERESTED. He will realize you are oferring the information 24/7 and can start promoting his projects the moment he takes control of the land!

When the builder hears the direct connect, voicemail and fax back functions, he will be IMPRESSED knowing that you can be reached right away, and that his brochures, site plans and other materials can be available to interested parties at the touch of a button,

When he hangs up and sees you just captured his phone number (even if it is a blocked number) and can contact all potential buyers right back at the height of their interest, he will be SOLD!

You should let him know that you will have the system notify his sales team AND you, so they can instantly call buyers back at the height of their interest, and you will call them back 10 minutes later to pre-qualify them. This way, you serve as a SAFETY NET. Even if his team can't secure them, you will pre-qualify them and try to steer them to their development.​