Many mortgage professionals love our FSBO program as it is an easy way to generate buyers and real estate relationships.

For Sale by Owners don’t want to pay a commission to a real estate agent and think that they can do just a good a job at exposing their property to potential buyers as agents do. Furthermore, most don't want to discuss getting 2 bigpre-qualified until they have sold their current home.

Offer to help them sell their home FASTER with your TOLL FREE /SMS number!

You can either get a list of FSBO's and simply have someone call them with one of our sample scripts, or drop a envelope on their doorstep marked "URGENT" with one of our sample letters, letting their homeowner know that you have an ABSOLUTELY FREE tool they can use to help sell their home fast.

​Once they realize everything you are doing for FREE to help them sell their home, they will ask you to bring a sign for their home to begin right away!


  • You will get a flood of buyers to pre-qualify from their sign,
  • You will pre-qualify THEM for the purchase of their next home, and
  • After trying it for a few weeks, they will probably ask you to recommend a good real estate agent for them to use to sell their house, leading to another referral for an existing or soon-to-be alliance partner.