Our most popular program by far and the easiest way to generate a non-stop flow of fresh buyer leads for pennies on the dollar!

Although real estate agents can use our technologies, strategies, systems and modules to increase the number of buyer and seller leads, may DO NOT have the time to cultivate every buyer until they are ready willing and able to 2 bigbuy a home (and earn the agent a commission). 

For this reason, most agents only deal with buyers that are ready to buy right now! Unfortunately, this means wasting 25-35% of their potential revenue each year.

Find the top agents in your area, and tell them about this amazing system and how they can generate 300-400% more calls by using it, track the exact cost-effectiveness of their advertising and avoid ever losing a lead again. 

Also, let them know you will even cultivate all buyers on their properties until they are ready willing and able to buy, and then send them back to the agents on a qualified basis!

Recommend that your existing agents (and those you want to work with) get a Call Capture number and set the direct connects and notifications to notify both them AND you. While they will call back buyers to answer any questions and get them to tour the property, you will wait 10 minutes and then call back to pre-qualify them.

Here is how it works: 

  • Buyer calls to receive information on the home
  • Buyer can select to directly connect to you for info or tour the property and/or directly connect to you to get pre-qualified for free
  • Both the buyer's agent and you can also be notified INSTANTLY via email and/or SMS/text to cell with the buyer's information
  • The agent will call the buyer right back to answer any questions and see if they want to tour the property
  • You will will wait 10 minutes (to give you a chance to call) and then call them back on your behalf to get them pre-qualified for free
  • If they are not ready to buy, you will develop and maintain a relationship with them until they are. Then when ready, pre-qualify them and send them back to the original agent on a qualified basis.

You will be able to increase your income up to 25-35%, run more efficiently, spend less time dealing with unqualified buyers, and now have a an excellent "safety net" - since your lender will (1) nurture these buyer relationships until they are READY and WILLING to buy and then (2)  pre-qualify so that they are ABLE to buy, and then (3) send them to you ready to go on a qualified basis!