Expired listings are called by a number of agents all saying the same thing

  • they know the area better,
  • they have sold more houses,
  • they have been an agent longer
  • they advertise more,
  • they will work harder.

Understand their concerns, and prove to them that you can outperform other agents by providing 24 hour information on their properties and automatically capturing the caller’s phone number, even if it is caller ID blocked!

Prior to calling them, take 2 minutes to record their information  making it sound as good as you can (sometimes it requires a little more imagination). Then, set the direct connect to their phone number and the instant SMS notification to your cell phone.

Then, when speaking them, tell them,

“You know, it’s true that many agents don’t advertise enough and do not return buyer calls fast enough and lose buyers. I however have invested a great deal of money to ensure that not only can I provide 24 hour verbal and faxed information on all my properties 7 days a week, but I can follow up on every call whether the caller leaves their number or not – even if they hang up without saying a word, have an unlisted number, even if they have caller ID blocking! That’s how I am different from other agents and how I can sell homes faster than anyone else!

You see, nothing is more important than selling my clients properties at the highest price and in the quickest amount of time. To prove this, I have taken the liberty of recording your property description on my 800 number system which I use on the sign in front of my clients properties, flyers, mailers, newspaper/magazine ads as well as all other online and offline campaigns. Give it a call, it’s a free call. The number is (800) 555-1212 and enter property code 100 that I set up for you. Call it anytime…call it from a blocked number…you will see I can call you right back”


When they call and hear their property described they are impressed realizing you can offer 24 hour information on their property to interested buyers 7 days a week

When they hear the caller options they know you are always available and have a messaging system when you’re not

When you instantly call them back having captured their number, they realize you can outperform other agents and not let even a single buyer slip by without hearing about their home.