For Sale by Owners don’t want to pay a commission to a real estate agent and think that
They can do just a good a job at exposing their property to potential buyers as agents do

Offer to help them sell their home for free with your 800 number

Provide them a sign rider using your 800 number to offer free 24 hour recorded information on their home. After listening to their home info, callers can direct connect to them at the touch of a button, get pre-qualified by your lending partner, leave them a voice mail message or get faxed information. Regardless, the system will instantly text message them the caller’s phone number, even if they hang up, have an unlisted number or have Caller ID blocking!  Tell them,

“Hi Mr. FSBO,

My name is John Smith, and although I am a real estate agent, I am not looking to earn a commission on the sale of your home; instead, I would like to help you sell your home yourself for free.

You see this sign rider I am holding? The 800 number listed and extension will allow you to offer ‘Free 24 Hour Recorded Information’ on your property. While listening, callers can directly connect to you, leave you a voicemail message or get faxed information instantly. But here is the key, anytime they call, even if they hang up without saying a word, the system will automatically text your cell phone with your address, the marketing source of the call and the caller’s phone number – even if they have an unlisted number…even if they have Caller ID blocking! This way you are not only able to provide information on your home 24/7 no matter where you’re at, but you will never lose even a single lead again.

In fact. I will even not only text message you on every buyer call, but notify my lending partner at no cost so they can also call back those buyers and pre-qualify them for you for free so you are not letting people in and opening your door to people who can’t afford it anyway. Again everything is free and you can cancel it at any time!”



At this point, they think it is too good to be true and can only say one thing, “What is the catch?”

Your response will be,

“Well, quite frankly I know this works and will help you sell your house fast. But when it sells, you’re going to need another home and again that is where I can help you for free. You see, I can find you the perfect home so when you sell this one, you can move right into the next.  By the way, that is a free service also since the seller pays for that commission”

You will get a flood of pre-qualified buyers from your lending partners to represent, you will get the FSBO’s next home to represent AND after trying it for a few weeks, you will probably also get the FSBO’s original home to sell once he decides it takes more than his single sign to sell the property.