The TOLL FREE/SMS technology from Call Capture that makes it EASY to generate a non-stop flood of buyer leads from Consumer Direct Marketing, FSBO's, Builders and Real Estate Agents!

Consumer Direct Marketing can be very effective using our proven toll free and SMS/Text messaging integrated technology, coupled with strategic marketing materials.

1 bigLook at this sample mailer. Though it may look like any other mailer, it :

  • Uses the latest Toll Free and SMS technology provided by Call Capture
  • Generates 300-400% more calls than traditional mailers
  • Can be printed and mailed through the post office virtually FREE
  • Instantly sends live buyer leads to your email and/or SMS to phone 24/7!
  • Instantly can send LIVE leads to your other alliance partners!




Here is why this mailer works so well...

Free 24 Hour Recorded Information - Notice the headline Free 24 Hour Recorded Information? This generates 300-400% more calls as people prefer calling numbers that are "Free", "24 Hour" and "Recorded" (or non-confrontational). Keep in mind most people work all day and the time they have to look at your mailer is before 8 am and after 5 pm. Unless your mailers says they can access the information 24/7, they will assume no one is there and won't bother calling!

Extension 11 - This was placed here to generate live mortgage leads 24/7

Extension 21 - This will generate listing leads, which can be used to reward loyal agents and to generate relationships  with top local real estate agents.

Extension 31 - This can generate refinance leads (or other leads such as debt consolidation, etc) - we have over 100 professionally recorded real estate tips ALREADY recorded and ready to use!

Extension 41 - This will generate leads for an alliance partner, in this case an insurance professional. Since each extension can directly connect and notify different and multiple people, this single mailer will be able to generate leads for not only your mortgage business, but real estate agents, insurance professionals,  contractors, carpet cleaners, its up to you! In other words, they will be more than willing to pay for  the costs to print and mail these cards in order to continue getting all these LIVE leads right to their cell phone! 

Extension 51 - This can generate leads for Buyer's agents who will LOVE this flow of free continuous leads (and mortgage leads of course!)

Bottom Footer - This is a SMS lead generating magnet for prospective buyers who prefer texting to get information. Once they text in, their information is still captured and sent to you via SMS, email and/or with the 10 real-time caller reports!