The 800/SMS technology from Information Now that makes it EASY to generate a non-stop flood of buyer leads from Consumer Direct Marketing, FSBO's, Builders and Real Estate Agents!

Before you select which program(s) you wish to pursue, it is important to understand the POWER of the 800/SMS technology you will possess from Information Now and what it can do.  
Information Now  is powered by Information Now, Inc., a leader in IVR and telecommunication solutions for over 20 years! They were one of the first to introduce the technology to the real estate and mortgage industry. having helped well over 10,000 members increase theirproduction using their 800 and SMS technologies.

Once you have purchased the 800 number(s) you can offer potential callers "FREE 24 HOUR RECORDED INFORMATION on consumer tips, FSBO information,  existing or to-be-built builder developments, real estate agent properties and more." 


While listening, callers can select to

  • Directly connect to you (or anyone you want)
  • Leave you a voice mail message, or
  • Get faxed Information at the touch of a button

But here's the magic! The moment they call, even if they hang up without saying a word, we capture the topic of interest, marketing source and phone number of the caller (even if it us unlisted or Caller-ID Blocked!)

We can send this information out INSTANTLY via SMS to phone, email and/or you can access it from 8 real-time caller reports!

​We can also automatically SMS back to the caller messages along with click to call you link, as well as link to websites you wish the callers to access right over their phone!

For those who wish to SMS into a short code, you can do that too! It will still capture all the caller information.  For example, you can text

​GREAT RATE to 48421