Why EVERY Title Representative should have their own Toll Free/SMS number

How to secure relationships with the top real estate agents, builders and even local FSBO's in your area, and secure all of their title business

Give them great value, by Introducing to them a PROVEN, INEXPENSIVE AND EASY-TO-USE system to help them generate more leads and sell their properties faster.

Sign up and get your own toll-free/SMS number from InfoNow.org (only about $55 a month). This will allow you to WOW potential clients by demonstrating the value of the Toll Free/SMS system, and make YOU the star for letting them know about it. Whether it is a real estate agent, a builder or even a FSBO, they haver the ability to make you A LOT of money! They key is to bring them VALUE! Best of all, its EASY!

Simply create a property description on one of THEIR properties and have them call it.  

  • When they hear the property description, they will be surprised. They will realize that this system will allow their property description to be available 24 hours a day/7 days a week and thereby generate 300-400% more calls than traditional office or cell numbers.
  • Next, when they hear the caller options (direct connect, voicemail, faxback, etc.) they will be impressed as they realize they can be more available to potential buyers, no matter where they are, 24/7.
  • When they hang up, and you are automatically notified via SMS or email with their property address, the marketing source that triggered the call and their phone number (even if they have an unlisted or Caller ID blocked number), simply call them right back! They will be shocked and will ask how did you do that?
  • Simply tell them, "that is the technology that the top real estate agents use to not only provide 24 hour information on their properties but (1) generate 300-400% more calls on their listings, (2) automatically track the exact cost-effectiveness of their advertising, (3) increase their availability to potential buyers and (4) never lose even a single lead again!"
  • But wait...it gets even better... Within a few seconds, they will then AUTOMATICALLY get an SMS message back to their phone that looks like this:​​​

b1Not only are you ensuring to they generate more buyers, but you are showing them that they can instantly AUTOMATICALLY market directly to the cell phone of potential buyers with a message, click to call them link and a link to a webpage for details on their properties!





​You have now provided them the value that they not only want...but need! You have demonstrated that not only are you looking out for their best interests, but are dedicated to their success. That is what will differentiate you from other title reps.

NOTE: we also have VANITY KEYWORDS for builders to use to market their properties that also capture all the buyer leads, and allow the above SMS features. Many LOVE to get their name of their developments.