Have a listing that is overpriced? Worried it won’t sell and you will lose the listing?

Price reductions are actually very easy to get with our system. As we stated before, they key is to know what the seller is thinking before speaking with them. If their house hasn’t sold, they probably think it is YOUR fault. It is certainly not the price, right? They are probably thinking the following: (1) you haven’t done enough marketing and/or (2) you haven’t been returning calls fast enough, etc. Wrong. We know that in most cases, if it was priced right, it would have sold. But the point is not to argue with them about what is right or wrong, it is to get the price reduction.

The way to do that is to objectively demonstrate to them that the issue IS the price. You can do this easily by pulling a call log from the 800 system and showing them a caller report displaying all the calls generated from the last 30 days. Then, simply tell then,

“Mr. /Mrs. Home seller, here is a report displaying the time, date, phone number and response of our marketing efforts on your property for the last 30 days. As you can see, we generated 38 calls on your property - just in the last 30 days. The problem is not with us generating buyers to your property, it is that when they hear the price, they think it is too expensive and we are losing valuable buyers. We need to price it right to secure one before the market worsens.”

What you have done is moved the issue from and “opinion” to a “fact” – a fact that they can see and believe. This will result in them realizing for themselves the need for a price reduction.