After 30 years and over 10,000 members, we know exactly what features you want and need. For this reason, we provide you everything...


INSTANT ACTIVATION - Sign up 24/7 and instantly receive your own 24/7 nationwide toll-free number, with multiple extensions, multiple direct connects and notifications, automatic call tracking and always capture the caller’s phone number - even if they have caller ID blocking! (also works in Canada)

ADVERTISE - Offer "Free 24 Hour Recorded Information" and property extensions using our sign riders, proven flyer templates, websites, newspaper and magazine ad formats and more. We provide members tons of proven marketing materials to generate a constant flow of clients fast. Focus your time closing deals...not looking for them.

INTERACT 24/7 - Callers can listen to your property description 24/7, and then directly connect to you to tour the property at any number you want (which you can change when you want), directly connect to a lender to get pre-qualified for a home loan, leave you a voice mail message, get faxed information, etc.

CAPTURE - Instantly get the phone number of the caller (even if it is Caller-ID blocked, as well as the extension called, address of the property address, the marketing source that triggered the call, and response of the caller. This information can be sent via SMS to your phone and/or by email! This can be sent just to you, or if your working with a lender, to them as well to automatically pre-qualify your buyer!

TRACK - 8 real time reports, allowing you to track calls by :

  • Area Code (find hidden pockets of buyers and sellers)
  • Date (find the best times to advertise)
  • Hour (to better position your time)
  • Listing (which calls need more marketing)
  • Marketing Source (find best places for ads)
  • Result (improve ads to increase direct connects
  • Statistics (summary report by listing/or all listings
  • Marketing Effectiveness ( cost- effectiveness of each campaign)
  • Average Call Length (to monitor recording effectiveness)
  • and more...

SUCCEED - No hardware, software, manuals or learning curves needed! Our support team is available to handle your lead generation and business building needs. Although you can modify your entire account on our worldwide control panel, we are happy to assist you via phone, email or chat

NOW THIS IS HUGE!!!! we can also AUTOMATICALLY send the buyer an SMS/text message after calling, with a link including photos of your listing!

INCREASED COMMUNICATION - Even if the buyer hangs up without saying a word, we can automatically text-message them a:

  • Personal message from you
  • Click to call link phone number to reach you, and a link to a video or a listing page for them to view photos of your listing.

They LOVE to see photos of inside the home right from their cell phone! AND...every time the buyer clicks the link, it can send you a sms notification so you know their motivation and interest in the property!!

AND THERES MORE! You can even allow buyers to SMS/Text in for info!

img var 2.png

Call Capture allows you the opportunity to offer property information, consumer tips, local information and more by simply having them text an extension (i.e. 123) or Keyword (i.e. Home) to your toll-free number.

Either way, you still capture their topic of interest/property caller, marketing source and caller's phone number AND can still automatically sms back them more information!!

See how you can also EASILY use our technology to: