10 REAL-TIME CALLER REPORTS  - Keep You Running At Full Efficiency 24/7!

These reports allow you to track calls by :

  • Area Code (find hidden pockets of potential clients before your competitors even know the exist!)
  • Date (find the best times to advertise that yield the most calls)
  • Hour (position your time to be more available when most customers call)
  • Extensions (which recorded messages are getting enough calls, and which might need more marketing)
  • Marketing Source (find the best places to generate more clients)
  • Result (improve the scripts on ads to increase direct connects)
  • Statistics (summary report by specific extension/or by all extensions for excellent overview)
  • Marketing Effectiveness (determine the cost- effectiveness of each marketing campaign)
  • Average Call Length (to monitor recording effectiveness)
  • Direct Connects (to monitor conversations and ensure lead follow-up and accountability)
  • Notifications (Know who on your team is getting notified for accountability and to ensure follow-up)
  • and more...