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"In just 8 months, I earned $138,000, which was a direct result of using InfoNow lead generation system."

Mr. Rob Levy - Prudential Realtor of the Year - Portland Oregon

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Ad Tracking

One of the most popular features of is its ability to determine the exact cost-effectiveness of every marketing campaign. When you advertise are you forced to take the word of a marketing representative who is paid a commission on what advertising he sells you? allows you the ability to enter the exact cost of your advertising effort and then tracks all calls made to it compared to your other campaigns in order to provide you the exact CPA (Cost per Ad). This one feature can save you thousands of dollars a month in advertising. Many of our members have discovered inexpensive, and even free, places to advertise using our tracker that yeild much higher response than more traditional expensive ad mediums. Smart advertising decisions come from statistical facts not heresay.

as low as $39.95 with 1,000 minutes free EVERY month! ($297 Activation fee waived!)