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"In just 8 months, I earned $138,000, which was a direct result of using InfoNow lead generation system."

Mr. Rob Levy - Prudential Realtor of the Year - Portland Oregon

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Multiple Direct Connects's proprietary technology is one of the most dynamic wireless techologies ever created in our industry. Each extension that you create can connect and notify different and multiple people. This dramaticaly increases the speed and efficiency when connecting your valuable clients to the particular professional they wish to speak with.

Don't risk losing the opportunity to speak to an interested client just because you are not sitting at your desk. Availability can mean the difference between getting the sale or not.

This follow-me service ensures your availability no matter where you are, your home, your office, or to your cell phone increasing your availability immensely.

You can also offer callers multiple direct connects to reach you, or alternate people to speak with.

as low as $39.95 with 1,000 minutes free EVERY month! ($297 Activation fee waived!)