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"In just 8 months, I earned $138,000, which was a direct result of using InfoNow lead generation system."

Mr. Rob Levy - Prudential Realtor of the Year - Portland Oregon

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Multiple Notifications

Not only can your single toll-free number offer multiple extensions, but each extension can directly connect and notify different and multiple people.

For instance, if you were a real estate company with many different listings, you could have a single toll-free number listing all of your agent's properties. Potential buyers could call the same toll-free number which would not only allow them to directly connect to individual agents, but automatically notify them individually for follow up.

Although some agents might be content to wait til the next day to call back prospective buyers, many agents will prefer to call them back immediately at the height of their interest.

In addition, we have thousands of real estate agents that wish that buyer calls notify not only themselves and/or their assistants, but also the local lender they are working with. This allows the lender to automatically prequalify potential buyers and eliminate any wasted time with buyers who can not afford the respective properties.

Multiple notifications ensures follow up, and increased productivity by automatically aligning yourself with partners you work with.

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