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"In just 8 months, I earned $138,000, which was a direct result of using InfoNow lead generation system."

Mr. Rob Levy - Prudential Realtor of the Year - Portland Oregon

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Real Time Caller Statistics

Real time caller statistics are critical luxuries of effective marketers. It allows them objective prospectives when making effective marketing and operation decisions.

When do most people call? What option do they select after calling? What are they interested in? What marketing source originated their call?

At the click of a button, you can instantly get a complete real time summary of all your caller reports.

Simply log into the website, set your own date ranges, and see a list of all caller reports dividing the calls by area code, date, listing, marketing source, result, marketing effectiveness, and average call length.

These graphical report statistics are excellent tools to oversee your marketing campaigns, allowing you to pinpoint effective and ineffective aspects of your business.

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