Toll-Free, SMS/Text Messaging and our exclusive LIVE ADS Feature allows you to instantly generate more leads, track ads & never lose even a single lead again 24/7!

Celebrating over 30 years in business & over 10,000 clients, Call Capture leads the industry, allowing you to generate up to 300-400% more prospects using an innovative toll- free/SMS lead generation and tracking platform, along with proven scripts, strategies, marketing materials, 10 real-time reports, LIVE ADS and exceptional US customer support that gets you up and running FAST!

How it works

Within 1-2 minutes, you can begin generating up to 300-400% more calls, tracking the exact cost-effectiveness of your advertising and avoid ever losing a lead again 24/7! Simply use your new toll-free number to offer potential clients FREE 24 HOUR RECORDED INFORMATION on your product or service. While listening, they can select to directly connect to you or your associates. We will INSTANTLY notify you via SMS to your phone and or email with (1) the topic of interest, (2) marketing source that triggered the call AND (3) the caller's phone number - even if they hang up without saying a word, have an unlisted number or have Caller-ID blocking. We can even help follow up for you by AUTOMATICALLY sending them an SMS message, including a "click to call you" link AND a link to a website or video you want them to go to!

AND NOW... To help you start generating leads instantly, we're in the process of creating LIVE ADS for all industries! This will allow you to immediately start generating leads in social networks, classified ads and more by simply copying and pasting the ad that we have ALREADY created for you. If we have not created you ad yet, simply email after you've signed up, and we will create the ad and place it in your back office.

BONUS: You can now also select to allow potential callers to SMS or TEXT an automatically generated keyword to your toll-free number and not only will they instantly get the product/service message information sent to them along with a "click to call you" option and link (to wherever you want), but you will capture their caller data just as if they were calling your toll free number (i.e. text KEYWORD to YOUR TOLL-FREE NUMBER)! This makes our system one of the MOST POWERFUL Toll Free/SMS LEAD GENERATION & TRACKING TOOL!

The only FULL SERVICE solution that provides you cutting-edge technology, an exceptional support team,
AND the proven strategies and marketing materials to succeed quickly!!


After 30 years and over 10,000 members, we know exactly what features you want and need. For this reason, we provide you everything...

  • Personal Nationwide Toll-Free Numbers
  • Integrates with many Contact Management Systems
  • Multiple Recording Topics and Extensions
  • Multiple Direct Connects
  • Multiple Notifications
  • Text Message(SMS) Notifications
  • Custom Opening Statements
  • Custom Closing Statements
  • Multiple Caller Reports
  • Real Time Caller Statistics
  • SMS Automatic Response
  • Call Blocking/Allow
  • Online/Offline Recordings
  • Ad Tracking
  • Call Capture
  • Unlimited Line Capacity
  • Instant Call Notification
  • Library of Recorded Ads
  • Company Directory
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Call Forwarding